The Stanford Daily reports on symposium honoring art history professor Wanda Corn '62

The Stanford Daily reports on the “Great American Thing,” a two-day symposium honoring Wanda Jones Corn ’62, professor emeritus at Stanford. (The symposium takes its name from Corn’s 2000 book on modern art and national identity, which The New York Times Book Review said was a “boldly argued study of American modernism.”) Writer Vivien Arcia suggests that until Corn emerged as a scholar, the study of American art history “was considered obscure and primitive compared to that of European art,” and quotes Stanford art history Ph.D. candidate Annelise Madsen: “Wanda’s scholarship has served as a model in the field of American art history…[and she] has been a generous, spirited and accessible teacher.” View story from The Stanford Daily, Nov. 16, 2009.