The Boston Globe reviews Pope.L's satiric political video at the DeCordova

Boston Globe art critic Sebastian Smee reviews the inaugural biennial at the DeCordova Sculpture Park + Museum in Lincoln, Mass., which includes a video by William Pope.L, senior lecturer in theater. “There’s nothing clinical or antiseptic about this show: It’s an experience,” Smee writes. “It’s brainy and cool in parts, messy and mashed-up in others.”  Pope.L’s video shows chickens and goats in an old textile factory nibbling at an edible model of the U.S. Capitol. “The piece is messy with ideas,” Smee writes. “But in this case, the jumpy footage and the hectoring noise of the birds, like the incessant blabbing of political commentary on television, gradually drowns out the possibility of thought. We walk away not so much prompted to reflection as mentally unhinged.” View story from The Boston Globe, Jan. 29, 2010.

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