Video: Selections from the Leadership Symposium on Cost, Value and Financial Aid

Video clips of the five speakers at the Leadership Symposium on Cost, Value and Financial Aid at Bates College.

Nancy J. Cable, President

“It is my pleasure to introduce our chairperson for our symposium today, Jamie Merisotis ’86, long a champion of the idea that higher education enhances both society and individuals.”

Jamie Merisotis ’86

“The demand for people with increasing skills, knowledge and experience, as reflected in [college] degrees, is as high as it’s ever been.”

Robert Archibald

“The success of colleges in producing graduates who can do well in the labor market is part of the reason why college costs have gone up.”

David Feldman

“[Robert Archibald and I] are anti-catastrophists. We don’t tend to think that higher education is coming to a cliff and you are about to fall off of it. [But]…we know we are not perfect.”

Sandy Baum

“The headlines are about what will sell and capture attention, and not about what’s really accurate. It’s important to put numbers into context.”

Jane Bode Brown ’69

“We do a lot of work helping families apply for financial aid. It’s tremendously complicated, and there are a lot of misconceptions about how much aid is available.”

James Miller

“More families are concerned with outcomes than in any point in my career. What is the outcome of this four-year commitment? The confidence level of parents has dropped dramatically.”

The Leadership Symposium on Cost, Value and Financial Aid

Watch the full symposium.

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