Chemistry, Fall 2013


Mohdis Delijani ’14, left, and Mackie Stelle ’13 work during a lab session for CHEM 322. (Photograph by Michael Bradley/Bates College)

The Chemistry department encourages returning students with an interest in majoring in Chemistry, or completing a minor or general education concentration in it, to contact the chair, Jennifer Koviach-Côté, and to consult the department website.

In Short Term 2014, CHEM S42 Chemical Synthesis and Reactivity will be offered. Students wishing to enroll in this course must have credit for both CHEM 215 and 218.

The department reminds returning majors that the W2 requirement must be completed by the end of the junior year. Students may satisfy the W2 requirement by completing any three of the following courses: CHEM 212, 215, 301, 310, 321, 325, 327, s37 or s42.

Seniors considering graduate studies in Chemistry should discuss the application process with their thesis advisor.

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