Six Bates places back then (under construction) and now (wow!)

Here’s an interactive look at six Bates places now and when they were under construction between 1998 and 2010.

Lake Andrews

The beloved Puddle’s massive makeover in 1998 began with its complete draining. The restoration included creation of the Keigwin Amphitheater and Burgoyne Lakeside Walk.

Alumni Walk

In one fell swoop between mid-2006 and early 2008, Bates created Alumni Walk, a new dining Commons, and a residence hall at 280 College Street.

Alumni Walk passes in front of Lane Hall and behind Parker, Hathorn, Dana, and Hedge halls. Besides replacing the former campus road and parking area once there, it brings architectural coherence to a maturing area of campus.




By September 2007, construction on Commons and Alumni Walk were heading into the home stretch.

280 College Street

Located on the field between Rand Hall and Mountain Avenue, the residence at 280 College St. includes a lofty signature space, Frank’s Lounge.

Roger Williams Hall and Hedge Hall

In 2010, former residence halls Roger Williams (1895) and Hedge (1890) were revamped and turned into academic buildings.

Hedge was a chemistry building until 1965, when it turned over its science role to Dana Chemistry Hall.



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