Art and artists live in the Olin Arts Center.

“I love coming here, just to escape the craziness of campus,” says Celia Feal-Staub ’20 of Putney, Vt. “I’ve never taken a drawing class before, and I’ve pretty much exclusively only taken pottery classes in the past. So, I’m really excited to build up a more general tool box, if you will, of art skills.”

Known in the community as a place of creation and presentation, Olin has been celebrating the arts and nurturing young artists since its dedication in 1986.

“I’ve always wanted to take ceramics,” says politics major Adam Webman ’18 of Winter Park, Fla. “It’s a lot of work and it is hard but it’s fun to be able to actually make something as opposed to going to the library and writing a paper. Coming here is a stress reliever, sort of just a mental break.”

“Getting to see the other work that students have done, it makes you want to get better at it,” says Katie DeSantis ’20 of New Canaan, Conn.

DeSantis is taking pre-veterinary classes in addition to art classes. “I took this class because I want to get better at decorating the surface of my ceramic pieces. Right now, I can’t draw at all and so by developing this skill I think it will help to be able to add patterns and different designs and decorations on to my pottery which I would really like to explore.”

“That’s how anything good starts.”

“I come here every day,” says Andrew Jordan ’21 of New Haven, Conn., a music major focusing on composition, “I want every piece I write to be better than the last piece I wrote, and just show constant improvement.”

“I think it’s very important for every musician to have a place to go and get their ideas done, or just to practice and get better, and not actually just for musicians. That’s how anything good starts.”


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