You went to class, saw your friends on the Quad, watched the flowers bloom, and — if you’re three particular Bates seniors — you broke out the old inflatable flamingo for a late-morning float on Lake Andrews.

And if you were lucky, it made @BatesCollege Instagram. Here are the 10 photo posts from Short Term with the most likes.

1. Are they coming or flamingoing?

2. A ‘platform commensurate with talent’

Striking in design and program, Bates College announces state-of-the-art science building embodying our vision for science education and research at the college. . Breaking ground in 2019 and opening in 2021, the new building promises to drive the evolution of science education at Bates and accelerate faculty collaborations across various fields that epitomize 21st-century science research. . “This building will be transformative for Bates,” says President Clayton Spencer. . “Bates scientists are already doing first-rate work, pushing out the boundaries of knowledge across multiple fields and preparing the next generation of scientific innovators and leaders. This new building will give Bates’ students and faculty a physical platform commensurate with their talent and ambition.” . #batescollege #newbuilding #announcement #science #STEM #openness #collaboration #liberalarts

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3. Lake Andrews by day…

4. …And by night

5. Guided along

6. A rainy blossoming

7. Oh, those spring nights

8. A strong force from the north

9. Happy Earth Day!

10. Hot pink and cool green

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