After photographing this installment of Library Lost & Found, we returned the 23 wayward items to the circulation desk, where Danielle Cohen ’19 of New York City was checking out some reading.

She did a double take. “Hey! My headphones!” Reunited, and it feels so good.

After voting at the nearby armory last week, she’d stuck an “I Voted Today!” sticky on her her wireless Skullcandy headphones. She later misplaced them but she wasn’t sure whereabouts.

Turns out, it was on the first floor of the library, where staffer Laura Collard collected them for safekeeping one night. What a relief, Cohen said. “It’s a great day!”

Here are the 23 (now 22!) items:

  • Course notebook with notes on Platonic concepts of beauty: Is it universal ideal, or is it localized in the  eye of the beholder?
  • “I’m a Voter” pin from the U.S. Vote Foundation.
  • Guitar pick imprinted with “Tobias Hurwitz,” a noted Baltimore-based guitarist and guitar teacher
  • Blistex Five-Star Lip Protection
  • “First Visit to Disneyland” pin
  • Luggage tag with no name
  • Plastic bag with mandala-style designs
  • Empty orthodontic appliance case
  • Gold-colored barrette
  • Book: Revising Memory: Women’s Fictions and Memoirs in 17th-Century France by Faith Beasley
  • Book: Formations of the Secular: Christianity, Islam, Modernity by Talal Asad
  • Book: Gender and Culture by Anne Phillips
  • Response card clicker, used by students to answer class questions in real time
  • Perfect Fit Button, allows wearer to adjust their pants waist
  • A few rings
  • 1-1/2 inch paint brush
  • Small book of sticky notes with a cover touting AccessLex student loan calculator
  • Single knitted glove, black
  • Single knitted glove, red
  • Single KB-brand sock, black
  • Lip balm ball imprinted with “The Street Chestnut Hill,” an open-air shopping area in Chestnut Hill, Mass.
  • Cordoroy driving cap by Gap
  • Skullcandy wireless headphones with “I Voted Today!” sticker, belonging to Danielle Cohen ’19 of New York City

    Items in the Ladd Library Lost & Found on Nov. 13, 2018, included Danielle Cohen’s lost-but-now-found headphones. (Jay Burns/Bates College)

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