It’s finals week, and we think students are foregoing routine tasks like laundry. How do we know? Two prepaid laundry cards were among the items in the Ladd Library Lost and Found on Dec. 6.

Here are the 19 items:

Pencil, imprinted with a single word in all caps: “ASPHALT”

Earbuds case, Apple brand, empty, with the word “Smile” and a happy face on the outside

Earbuds case, with wireless earbuds inside that feature LED readouts of Bluetooth battery strength; no brand noted

Honey lip balm, Burt’s Bees brand, still lost from the last edition of Lost and Found

Items in the Ladd Library’s lost and found on Dec. 6, 2021. (Jay Burns/Bates College)

Bracelet, with a moose (or deer) and a snowflake, still lost from last edition of Lost and Found

Five hair-organizing devices, including three scrunchies and two claw clips

Earring, single

Personal reusable container, empty, with Bates logo. Dining Services gives out these lidded, insulated stainless-steel mugs to reduce paper waste

Nalgene bottle, 32 ounces and mostly full with water (we think), with Bobcat logo

Remote control, to operate the popular multicolored LED light strips that students hang in their rooms

Face covering, evolvetogether brand, one of the first consumer-facing, FDA-approved medical masks. “And while many styles have experienced fleeting popularity, it’s evolvetogether’s minimalist, disposable face masks that have by and large become the go-to mask,” says Vogue.

Baseball cap, black denim, Jack & Jones Vintage Clothing Co., with tagline: “Once tried, always used”

Laboratory manual, for organic chemistry, created by Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry Andrew Kennedy, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry Jennifer Koviach-Côté, and Assistant in Instruction Lorna Clark. The manual includes a variety of experiments, including how to purify an unknown compound by distilling it.

Green three-ring binder, Staples brand, with a folder inside jam-packed with completed problem sets and other coursework in the mathematics course Calculus II

Photographic print, on DNP Paper, showing a dog, from its POV, looking at a cat curled up on a Persian chair

Two prepaid laundry cards, by CSC , the company that owns and services the washers and driers located in almost all student residences

Notebook, for an introductory course in cultural anthropology, noting a final project proposal that might include explaining the implications of the German concept of “Kultur,” in the sense becoming civilized

Bates rowing team jacket, L..L.Bean brand, in the “Mountain Classic Puffer Jacket” style, featuring the rowing logo, based on the college seal

Black woman’s glove, brand unknown, with small zippered accessory pocket, convenient for car key, debit card, tissue, or money