Video: Scenes from the Jenkins Inauguration, selfies, high fives, and hugs in a ‘place of warmth and welcome’

The May 4 installation of President Garry W. Jenkins’ featured historic firsts — Bates’ first Black and first openly gay president— and also cheering students, hugging friends, high-five greetings, and plenty of selfies

These video highlights kick off with the early-morning robing in Commons, hitting a crescendo with the installation ceremony in an elegantly transformed Merrill Gymnasium, and winding down with a relaxing outdoor buffet lunch.

Take in these heartwarming and inspirational moments from the inauguration of Garry W. Jenkins:

(Theophyl Syslo/Bates College)

Leading up to the timeless ritual of the installation was the academic procession, with a long line of Bates leaders, trustees, faculty, alumni, delegates led by a festive marching jazz band, joined by boisterous students, faculty, staff, alumni, community members from far and wide.

As Jenkins himself said, “This place — our college — is a place of warmth and welcome, and you have made that abundantly and beautifully clear. And for that, I thank you.”