Fellowships and Awards


Charles F. and Evelyn M. Phillips Faculty Fellowship, Bates College (2011-2012)

National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship (1991-1992)

Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation, Newcombe Fellowship (1984-1985)


Christian A. Johnson Fund for Sabbatical Support and Akers Fund, Bates College (2018-19)
Research and Travel:  Buddhist Perfectionism, Kantian Liberalism, and Justice

National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institute on Self-Knowledge in Eastern and Western Philosophies
Charleston South Carolina (May 20-June 2, 2018)

Faculty Development Grant and Barlow Grant (2013-14)
Asian Bioethics Association, Chennai India
Site visits: SITA, Madurai India, and ISLE, Kandy Sri Lanka, off-campus study programs

Mellon Innovation Grant, Intercultural Ethics
Research Grant for the Study of Islam in France  (Fall 2011)

Harward Center for Community Partnerships
Research Grant for Publicly-Engaged Academic Projects (2011-12)

Mellon Innovation Grant: Working Group in Philosophy and Psychology (2008-09 & 2009-10)
Research Grant Co-Author and Principal Organizer for Speaker Series and Faculty Seminars: Joshua Greene, Paul Bloom, Joshua Knobe, Walter Glannon, Alva Noe, Roy Baumeister, Adina Roskies. Bennett Schwartz, Casey O’Callaghan, and Jesse Prinz

Bates Faculty Development Grants for travel and research: Schmutz and McGinty Grants
For travel to Kant in Asia Conference, Hong Kong (April 2009) and
3rd Islam and Bioethics International Conference, Antalya Turkey, (April 2010)

The Freeman Foundation, Asian Studies Initiative
Tibet:  Faculty Development Seminar, Research & Travel to Tibet (January-June 2005)
Japan: Faculty Development Seminar, Research & Travel to Japan (January- June 2004)

Freeman Foundation Grant for travel to the Sixth Asian Biomedical Ethics Conference & World Congress of Bioethics, Sydney Australia (2005)

Freeman Foundation & Tanaka Grants for the Study of Asia (Spring 2004):
Grant for Asian Study and Travel to the Fifth Asian Bioethics Conference Tskuba Japan, February 2004; and for travel to Beijing China for the International Conference on Kant’s Moral Philosophy, Peking University; and to Tsinghua University, Beijing for a presentation and a seminar on the Right to Die, May 2004

Christian A. Johnson Endeavor Foundation faculty development seminar on Islam and the Muslim World. Johnson Scholar Research Topic: Islamic Medical Ethics (2002-03)
And Johnson Associate, Islam and the Muslim World (2003-04)

Bates Faculty Development Grants for travel and research (2002-2003)

Mellon Grant for Professional Travel and Expenses (1991-1992)