Building addresses

Administrative Building Addresses

If you are having an item sent to you, be sure to use the correct mailing address for your building.

Admission – Lindholm House 23 Campus Ave.
Alumni Gym 130 Central Ave.
Carnegie Science 44 Campus Ave.
Chase Hall 56 Campus Ave.
College Store 65 Campus Ave.
Communications Office 2 Andrews Rd.
Coram Library 42 Campus Ave.
Dana Chemistry 5 Andrews Rd.
Facility Services 147 Russell St.
Hathorn Hall 3 Andrews Rd.
Health Services 31 Campus Ave.
Hedge Hall 7 Andrews Rd.
Human Resources 215 College St.
Information & Library Services 110 Russell St.
Kalperis Hall 65 Campus Ave.
Ladd Library 48 Campus Ave
Lane Hall 2 Andrews Rd.
Libbey Forum 44 Mountain Ave.
Merrill Gym 141 Russell St.
Muskie Archives 70 Campus Ave,
OIE 56 Campus Ave.
Olin Arts 75 Russell St.
Pettengill Hall 4 Andrews Rd.
Pettigrew Hall 305 College St.
Post & Print 65 Campus St.
President’s House 256 College St.
Center for Purposeful Work 146 Wood St.
Roger Williams 9 Andrews  Rd.
Schaeffer 329 College St.
Security 245 College St.
Underhill Arena 145 Russell St.