Bates Presidential Search Update

Dear Members of the Bates Community,

We write to offer another update on the search for Bates’ next president.

The Presidential Search Committee is now in the most intensive phase of its work, which is the assessment of candidates. This involves reviewing applications, evaluating candidates based on the qualifications described in the leadership profile, selecting candidates for initial interviews, and identifying those who will advance as finalists. We are delighted to report that the candidate pool recruited by our search partners at Isaacson, Miller—which included recommendations from a number of you—was impressively strong, with applicants representing a broad range of backgrounds, experiences, and areas of expertise.

The committee’s work will proceed in the weeks ahead and culminate in the recommendation of one candidate to the Board of Trustees, as the Board’s charge to the committee requires. We expect that our next communication with you will be when Bates’ ninth president is announced this spring.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about the presidential search process, please visit the search website or write to us at


Andrea Conklin Bueschel ’90
Gregory Ehret ’91, P’23
Co-Chairs, Presidential Search Committee