Charge to the Presidential Search Committee

The Bates College Board of Trustees authorizes the Presidential Search Committee (“the Committee”) to conduct the critical work that will result in the appointment of Bates’ ninth president. This charge details the Board’s expectations for the search process and the responsibilities that the Board grants the Committee. Per the college’s charter and bylaws, the Board maintains the sole responsibility for selecting the next president of Bates.

  • The Committee will be broadly representative of the college community. While each individual member is encouraged to bring their own unique perspective to the Committee’s work, members are not charged with representing a specific department, unit, program, or group, but will instead represent Bates as an institution.
  • The Committee will partner with Isaacson, Miller, an organization with extensive experience in helping identify college and university leaders, to provide professional assistance and advice during the search and selection process.
  • The Committee will set a schedule for its work that will result in timely identification of Bates’ next president. 
  • Through multiple mechanisms, the Committee will actively seek and thoughtfully consider the perspectives of the Bates community about what it needs and desires in the next president.
  • The Committee will develop a presidential search profile that is informed by input from the Bates community and that clearly and compellingly articulates the opportunity at Bates and the qualities we are seeking in our next president.
  • Through an active, expansive, and inclusive search, the Committee will consider a pool of applicants that has exceptional qualifications for the presidency, is diverse across multiple dimensions, and who understand and embrace Bates’ mission. 
  • The Committee will keep the Bates community apprised of its work and will be attentive to input from community members. The Co-Chairs of the Committee will make periodic reports to the Board about the progress of the search. 
  • The Committee will be expected to recommend a single candidate to the Board through a process that protects the confidentiality of all candidates. 
  • The Committee will support the successful transition of the next president of Bates as appropriate.
  • The members of the Committee will practice absolute confidentiality in all aspects of the search. A breach of confidentiality is grounds for removal from the Committee.  

The Board is grateful to the members of the Committee for their participation in this very important effort on behalf of the entire Bates College community.