Blog Post from Allison Tsomides (#3)

Welcome back to the Williams Lab!

Although the school year has begun, work in the lab continues as usual. Of course there are always new problems to contend with and new results to analyze. The data set that I had started collecting over the summer was finally completed this week! This is very exciting for my thesis research because it means I was able to analyze data and interpret the results. I found that several genes were expressed significantly higher after nfe2 knockdown. This is a huge step in determining the role of transcription factor, Nfe2, in zebrafish development.

Furthermore, I was able to share these results with the Bates community during the Parents’ Weekend Poster Session! Dan and I presented our collection of data and results to interested listeners (and our parents!). It was a great experience to be able to talk about our findings and also learn what others were researching over the summer.

Problem-solving in the zebrafish colony continues. We have been working on quarantining diseased fish, as well as altering the protocol for rotifer care. The healthy fish do continue to produce embryos, which is important for continuing everyone’s research. My next steps involve looking at a new time point for gene expression and beginning in situ hybridization for the genes that I have already found to be significant.

I enjoy working in the lab as a “break” from classes and homework. However combined with 3 other classes, labs, field hockey, and other commitments, senior year is sure to be the busiest by far!

More exciting results to come!