Just Keep on Swimming

The past few weeks have been hard.

As a lab we had a setback leaving us more than four weeks behind schedule, and now we are slowly picking up the slack. At the moment I am waiting for new TL fish (more than 50 pairs!) that would get us back on track. This experience has taught me to take a setback as large as this with positivity, and move forward to fix the problem rather than just wallow in negativity. To catch up I will also be staying during part of my winter break, mostly devoted to qPCR analysis of my embryo dosage points and to practice morpholino injections. To be honest, I do not mind staying a period over my break. I made a mistake in lab and I take full responsibility to catch up anyway I can in lab work.

Since I am still waiting for the new fish to come in next week I have been focusing on thesis writing, the second aspect of a science thesis. So far I am 15 pages in with around 32 sources, which has taken me all semester to write (at my desk).
Where the writing "magic" happens
This is the first time I have been writing a scientific paper in this length, so I am using sub headings (and sometimes sub-sub headings) to guide the reader through my introduction. Hopefully I will have a full draft with citations done for Larissa to review by early next week.

Overall this month has been CRAZY, and at times I feel the accumulated work assigned from all my classes are so great I cannot complete everything with quality. All I can do is try my best, and just keep swimming!