Almost done for the summer

The lab is bustling this week with everyone working on their projects, and with less than two weeks to go!

Nancy continues to microinject on Monday’s, dose with MEHP (a phthalate), image, and then finally freeze her embryos.

Jake prepares for western blotting, looking to sample a large amount of our TL and AB strains Wednesday morning in hopes to further understand when the Nfe2 protein is present during development.

I have undertaken microinjection and have found that it requires much dexterity and patience, as the needles often break and or do not work! My success rate continues to get better with improving needle preparation and practicing the best way to release material into the embryos. This Wednesday morning was the best yet, with ~500 embryos injected from one needle!

We took some time this week to cool off and give our brains a break by cleaning out and chipping down ice in our freezer! Uncluttered and de-iced, it is ready for the rest of summer and the fall!