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Is Bates right for you? Are you right for Bates?

We’re interested in people who work hard, take intellectual risks, believe that education isn’t confined to a classroom and get deeply involved in their community.

Bates’ unique personality rests on the bedrock values of academic excellence, diversity and inclusiveness, and social responsibility. Your personality, too, is unique. Will you and Bates be a good fit? Take a look around — and ask yourself these questions:

Do you believe that your success in life will depend on being able to adapt creatively to complexities and ambiguities, to think critically and communicate effectively?

Do you picture yourself among students who, thirsty for learning, are dedicated to seeking truth through the methods of science, the patterns of logic and language, and the beauties of art?

Are you eager to collaborate with professors committed to developing, encouraging and supporting you through your academic journey? If all these are true — apply to Bates.

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