Faculty Grants

The Philip J. Otis Faculty Curricular Development Grants

Each year at least one $2,500 grant is awarded to a member of the Faculty for the purpose of developing curricular offerings in the general area of environmental studies. These developments may be significant revisions of existing courses, designs for new courses, efforts to coordinate teaching of two or more Faculty. The grants may be used to acquire materials which would significantly enhance the recipient’s teaching, to travel for purposes of collecting material for the course or courses, to provide stipends to students who would assist in the designing or the teaching of the course or courses.

The grant is awarded on a competitive basis by the Faculty Committee of Five. Applications must state clearly both the curricular task to be supported, and the contributions which would be made to enhancing students’ understanding and appreciation of the natural world. The application must also state the uses of the funds. Applications must be submitted to the Dean of the Faculty by December 1.

Within one semester of its completion, a report of the project is made to the Dean of the Faculty, who shares it with the Otis Committee.