By Department:

Access Services:
Ladd Library • 786-6263 • email jretelle
Circulation of library materials and reserve items, administering access and loan polices, billing patrons and supervising stack maintenance.

Bibliographic Services:
Ladd Library • 786-6270 • email ssaunder
Acquisitions, cataloging, processing, and preservation of library materials and resources.

Interlibrary Loan:
Ladd Library • 786-6471 • email plumbert
Borrows or acquires research materials from libraries (mostly) outside of Maine.

Research Services:
Ladd Library • 786-6271 • email ljuraska
Provides in-depth research help, ready-reference service, and bibliographic instruction.

Archives & Special Collections:
70 Campus Avenue • 786-6354 • email muskie
Access to College records, personal papers, including those of Edmund S. Muskie, and rare books.
  • Pat Webber: Director of Archives and Special Collections

    1. Elaine Ardia: Archives Assistant
    2. Michelle Belden: College Archivist
  • Staff

  • Laura Juraska: Associate College Librarian for Research Services

    1. Christina Bell: Humanities Librarian
    2. Zachary Handlen: Library Assistant-
      Interlibrary Loan
    3. Perrin Lumbert: Library Assistant-Interlibrary Loan
    4. Christine Murray: Social Science Librarian
    5. Chris Schiff: Music and Arts Librarian
    6. Pete Schlax: Science and Data Librarian
  • Sharon Saunders: Associate College Librarian for Systems and Bibliographic Services
    1. Penny Bubier: Library Assistant-Acquisitions
    2. Carole Parker: Library Assistant-Acquisitions
    3. Karen Peters: Catalog Librarian
    4. VACANT: Library Assistant
  • Julie Retelle: Assistant College Librarian for Access Services
    1. Jane Boyle: Library Assistant-Public Service, INN-Reach Coordinator
    2. Jane Jawor: Library Assistant-Public Services
    3. Jeff Kazin: Library Assistant-Public Services
    4. Connie Mulane: Library Assistant-Public Services
    5. Brenda Reynolds: Audio Supervisor
    6. Katherine Webber: Library Assistant-Public Services
  • VACANT: Associate College Librarian for Collection Management
    1. Susan MacArthur: Electronic Resources Librarian