MISO 2023

Information & Library Services conducted the MISO Survey (Measuring Information Service Outcomes) in March, 2023 with faculty, staff and students. Bates conducts the survey every three years and has been doing so since its inception in 2002. The results of this survey are an important measuring stick for ILS, allowing us to identify any issues with our service, gain insight into new ways that the campus is using technology and study temporal trends.

As in past years, our services are rated quite highly by all three groups (generally a 3+ out of 4). While we are generally pleased with how we perform, the survey consistently provides us with new insights and areas where we need to improve. We found it most useful this year to compare our results to 2017, providing sufficient time for previous changes to be enacted and recognized by the campus.

Please note that each of the three surveys (faculty, staff and student) have a somewhat different set of questions and that each time we run the survey, some questions are added and others omitted. One of the largest criticisms of the survey is its length, so we are always fine-tuning the survey and looking for ways to shorten the survey. That also means that we don’t always have every piece of data for every group. The full 2023 results for each group (faculty, staff, students) are available for review through the links below.