User Services


User Services staff are responsible for supporting the variety of technology needs for all members of the Bates community.


Curricular and Research Computing

Pettengill G11 • 786-6386 •

The Curricular and Research Computing Group provides the faculty and students at Bates with academic technology support that promotes the adoption of appropriate technologies across the spectrum of teaching, learning, and research. We offer a wide range of programs and services that help further the creative and innovative practices that characterize our faculty’s pedagogical and scholarly achievements.

Digital Media, Classroom and Event Support

Pettigrew • 786-6424 •

The Classroom Technologies Office supports all the audio and visual equipment in classrooms and presentation spaces on campus.  We also manage the loaner pool on campus, a location where all members of the community have access to video cameras, projectors, laptops and many other types of technical equipment.  The CTES office assists our colleagues on campus plan for events that require A/V.  The Digital Media Studios supports all digital video and audio editing on campus, along with supporting all live and Video on Demand streaming for Bates College.

Help Desk Services

Ladd Library • 786-8222 •

Assistance with computing hardware, software & network troubleshooting.

Imaging Center

Coram Library • 753-6945 •

The Bates Imaging and Computing Center supports the College’s liberal arts and sciences mission by expanding the capabilities of Bates scholars, artists, researchers, and professionals as they investigate, visualize, create, and communicate knowledge. more…

h4>LRC: Language Resource Center

Roger Williams 105 • 786-6386 •

The Bates College Language Resource Center is the campus home for multilingual computing and curricular development. It offers a wide range of support and services for non-English language acquisition, including technological guidance, the development of curricular materials, lab and classroom support, online streaming of audio and video, and a collection of virtual resources. The LRC supports faculty and students in the creation of innovative new projects that enhance language teaching and learning.

Technology Sales & Service:

110 Russell • 786-6376 •

Purchase computing equipment, printer supplies, check special orders, repairs.


  • Andrew White: Director of Academic and Client Services

    1. Michael Hanrahan: Assistant Director for Curricular and Research Computing
      1. William Ash: Academic Technology Consultant
      2. Kristen Carey: Academic Technology Consultant
      3. Kai Evenson: Senior Curricular Technology Consultant
      4. Shauna’h Fuegen: Senior Curricular Technology Consultant
      5. Colin Kelley: Senior Curricular Technology Consultant
      6. Vacant: Academic Technology Consultant
    2. Susan Murphy: Assistant Director for Technology Support Services
      1. Melinda Emerson: Purchasing, Sales and Accounting Specialist
      2. Matt Thomas: Desktop Operations Analyst
      3. Wil Quenga: Desktop Operations Analyst
    3. Scott Tiner: Assistant Director for Client Services
      1. Lee Desiderio: Instructional Support Manager
      2. Ben Lizzotte: Senior Audio Visual Analyst
      3. Ben Pinkham: Audio Visual Technician
      4. Jeremy Riordan: Technology Support Specialist
      5. Bruce Soper: Technology Support Specialist
      6. Vacant: Service Desk Team Leader
      7. Vacant: Technology Support Specialist