organization chart

July 2014

  • Gene Wiemers:
    Vice President for Information & Library Services and Librarian

    1. VACANT: Assistant to the Vice President
      • Pat Webber: Director of Archives and Special Collections
        1. Elaine Ardia: Archives Assistant
        2. Michelle Belden: College Archivist
      • Laura Juraska: Associate College Librarian for Research Services
        1. Christina Bell: Humanities Librarian
        2. Zachary Handlen: Library Assistant-
          Interlibrary Loan
        3. Perrin Lumbert: Library Assistant-Interlibrary Loan
        4. Chris Schiff: Music and Arts Librarian
        5. Pete Schlax: Science and Data Librarian
        6. VACANT: Social Science Librarian
      • Sharon Saunders: Associate College Librarian for Systems and Bibliographic Services
        1. Penny Bubier: Library Assistant-
        2. Carole Parker: Library Assistant-
        3. Karen Peters: Catalog Librarian
        4. VACANT: Library Assistant
      • Julie Retelle: Assistant College Librarian for Access Services
        1. Jane Boyle: Library Assistant-Public Service, INN-Reach Coordinator
        2. Peggy Hannigan: Library Assistant-Public Services
        3. Jane Jawor: Library Assistant-
          Public Services (Half Time)
        4. Jeff Kazin: Library Assistant-Public Services
        5. Connie Mulane: Library Assistant-Public Services
        6. Brenda Reynolds: Audio Supervisor
      • Becky Albitz: Associate College Librarian for Collection Management
        1. Susan MacArthur: Electronic Resources Librarian
      • Andrew White: Director of User Services
        1. Michael Hanrahan: Assistant Director for Curricular and Research Computing
          1. Matt Duvall: Manager, Imaging Center & Institutional Research Associate
          2. Shauna’h Fuegen: Curricular Technology Consultant
          3. VACANT: Curricular Technology Consultant
        2. Susan Murphy: Assistant Director for Technology Support Services
          1. Paul Benham: Desktop Operations Analyst
          2. Lee Desiderio: Instructional Support Manager
          3. Melinda Emerson: Purchasing, Sales and Accounting Specialist
          4. Wil Quenga: Desktop Operations Analyst
          5. Jeremy Riordan: Technology Support Specialist
          6. Greg Struve: Manager Help Desk Services
          7. Matt Thomas: Technology Support Specialist
        3. Scott Tiner: Assistant Director for Digital Media, Classroom and Event Support
          1. Kristen Carey: Digital Media Specialist
          2. Colin Kelley: Manager of Digital Media Studios
          3. Ben Lizzotte: Audiovisual Engineer
          4. VACANT: Audiovisual Tecnician
      • Eileen Zimmerman: Director of Systems Development and Integration
        1. Jason Moreau: Assistant Director
          1. Kendall Blake: Systems Analyst
          2. Jake Paris: Web Developer/Designer
          3. Jason Sanford: Programmer/Analyst
        2. Barbara Buck: Programmer/Analyst
        3. Nancy Crosby: Senior Programmer/Analyst Reporting Analyst
        4. Michael Day: Database Analyst
        5. Douglas Grindle: Programmer/Analyst
        6. Maureen Haining: Programmer/Analyst
        7. Mary Heald: Programmer/Analyst
        8. Daniel Lindahl: Senior Database & Oracle Application Server Administrator
        9. Regan Richards: Web Developer
        10. Don Schroeder: Programmer/Analyst
      • Jim Bauer: Director of Network and Infrastructure Services
        1. Rob Spellman: Associate Director for Network Services
          1. Bruce Hall: Network Administrator
          2. Karen McArthur: Systems Administrator
        2. Ryan Odom: Network Infrastructure Project Manager
        3. Kevin Poland: Network Infrastructure Project Manager
        4. Kenney Russell: Telecommunications Administrator