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Adding LDAP Bates Directory in Thunderbird

LDAP, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, is an Internet protocol that email and…

Email, Software

Adding Printers using Self Service (Mac)

These steps are only available on College owned Apple computers. For help…


Back-to-School Computing Basics

Information and Library Services welcomes the Class of 2018 and all returning students!  If you have any…

Network, Software

Basics of an Anti-Virus Program

Be sure your virus protection program is up to date. Also, each…

Software, Viruses/Malware

Bates Email Setup for Thunderbird

Make sure that your Thunderbird is up to date before you begin…


Bates Wireless Setup – Windows Vista/7

These instructions are for members of the Bates community and guests with…


Bates Wireless Setup – Windows XP

These instructions are for members of the Bates community and guests with…


Benefits of the Bradford Client Registration Process

With the Bradford Campus Manager software to connect to the network we can allow…

Network, Software

Bradford Network Connection Instructions

1) Connect to the “Bates” wireless network (Password: Bobcat1855) or plug into…


Dreamweaver Secure Site Configuration Setup

This software is intended to be used to create web pages, and…

Network, Software

General Information & Links for Thunderbird E-mail

Thunderbird is one of the supported e-mail programs at Bates College. Thunderbird…

Email, Network

Gmail Setup in Mac Mail

Bates Gmail setup for Mac Mail.


Gmail Setup in Thunderbird

Configure Thunderbird for Bates Gmail.


Guidelines and Tips for Developing a Student Organization Web Site

Before you begin the construction of the web pages, it is necessary…


How do I forward messages to another account?

To set up forwarding in Gmail, 1. Click on the gear wheel…

Email, How Do I?

Installing PDFCreator

PDFCreator is a free program for Windows that will allow you to…


Introduction To Securing E-mail with Digital Certificates

Digital certificates can be used to digitally sign and encrypt e-mails. When…

Email, Network, Secure

iOS Setup for Bates Google (Basic)

Basic email setup for iOS devices and Bates Gmail.


iOS Setup for Bates Google (Full)

How to get full Google integration on your iOS device.


Locking a Macintosh Screen

When you step away from your Macintosh, it is advisable to have…


Network File Storage General Information and Links

Below is a list of file servers provided by Information & Library…

Network, Servers

Password Change Process

Notification will be sent via e-mail to each Bates community member with…

Network, Secure

Peer to Peer (p2p) Configuration

As we administer the College’s Computer Use Policy, we try to assure…

Network, Servers

Printing to Paw-Print (Mac)

To setup Paw-Print and Paw-Print-Color on your Mac, use the following directions….


Printing to Paw-Print (Windows)

These instructions will set you up to print to the public print server Peru.


Requirements for Network Access: Windows and Macintosh

ase be sure your computer meets the following requirements.A. Operating Systems, tested…

Network, Software

Sophos Anti-Virus Installation for Macintosh

These instructions guide you through the process of downloading and installing Sophos Anti-Virus…

Software, Viruses/Malware

Sophos Anti-Virus Installation for Windows

A. Downloading and Installing Sophos Anti-Virus Follow this link and login using…

Software, Viruses/Malware

Windows File Synchronization FAQ’s

In response to longstanding need to provide reliable and secure backup services…

Network, Servers

Windows XP Updates: Trusted Sites

Windows updates are critically important for the protection of your home computer,…

Network, Software

Windows XP/Vista: Turning on Automatic Updates

To join the Bates Wireless Network you need to turn on your…

Network, Software

Windows XP: Connection to Windows Updates

Windows XP allows you to connect to the Windows Update Service so…

Network, Software

Wireless Setup – Bates

Connecting to Bates The Bates wireless network offers full WPA2 level encryption…