Scholarship showcase

The Dean of the Faculty’s Office maintains vitrines in the main entrance to Lane Hall in which recent works of scholarship by Bates faculty and students are displayed. Following are the showcase contents as of Nov. 18, 2005:

Claudia Aburto Guzmán and Francisca López, associate professors of Spanish, La Séptíma Mujer: Cuentos Dedicados

Rachel N. Austin, associate professor of chemistry, in collaboration with Erin Bertrand ’05, Ryo Sakai ’06, E. Rozhkova-Novosad, L. Moe, B. Fox, J. Groves, “Reaction Mechanisms of Non-heme Diiron Hydroxylases Characterized in Whole Cells,” Journal of InorganicBiochemistry

Mark Bessire, director of the Bates College Museum of Art, in collaboration with Department of Art and Visual Culture faculty members Robert Feintuch, Jessica Gandolf, Paul Heroux, Pamela Johnson, Penelope Jones, Elke Morris, Joseph Nicoletti, Erica Rand, exhibit catalog for Bates College Faculty: Innovation and Opportunity

Charles V. Carnegie, professor of anthropology, “Models and Enactments of Transformation: A Response,” in World Order

Rebecca W. Corrie, Phillips Professor of Art and Visual Culture, “The Kahn and Mellon Madonnas and Their Place in the History of the Virgin and Child Enthroned in Italy and the East,” in Images of the Mother of God: Perceptions of the Theotokos in Byzantium

Jane T. Costlow, professor of Russian and Christian A. Johnson Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies, introduction to a new Signet Classics edition of Ivan Turgenev’s Fathers and Sons

Craig Decker ’78, professor of German, Austrian Identities: Twentieth-Century Short Fiction

Baltasar Fra-Molinero, associate professor of Spanish, “Juan Latino and His Racial Difference,” in Black Africans in Renaissance Europe

Douglas L. Hodgkin, professor emeritus of political science, Fractured Family: Fighting in the Maine Courts

Pallavi Jayawant, assistant professor of mathematics, in collaboration with I. Gessel, “A Triple Lacunary Generating Function for Hermite Polynomials,” The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics

Kathryn G. Low, professor of psychology, in collaboration with Lori Massa ’02, Dana Lehman ’02, J. Olshan, “Insulin Pump Use in Young Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes: A Descriptive Study,” Pediatric Diabetes

John H. McClendon III, associate professor of African American studies and American cultural studies, “On the Nature of Whiteness and the Ontology of Face: Toward a Dialectical Materialist Analysis,” in What White Looks Like

Eli C. Minkoff, professor of biology, and Pamela J. Baker ’69, Helen A. Papaioanou Professor of Biological Sciences, “Animal Experimentation Raises Ethical Questions,” in The Art of Critical Reading: Brushing Up on Your Reading, Thinking, and Study Skills

Eli C. Minkoff, professor of biology, in collaboration with E.H. Colbert, M. Morales, Colbert’s Evolution of the Vertebrates

Michael P. Murray, Charles Franklin Phillips Professor of Economics, Econometrics: A Modern Introduction

Charles I. Nero, associate professor of rhetoric, “Queering The Souls of Black Folk,” in 100 Years of The Souls of Black Folk: A Celebration of W.E.B. Du Bois

Charles I. Nero and the Office of Multicultural Affairs, A Heavy Grace: An Interview with Daniel Minter, Artist

Mary Rice-DeFosse, professor of French, “The Empire of Master and Slave in Monsieur Sylvestre,” in George Sand et l’Empire des Lettres

David M. Scobey, director of the Harward Center for Community Partnerships, Empire City: The Making and Meaning of the New York City Landscape

Mark Semon, professor of physics, “Relativistic Acceleration of Charged Particles in Uniform and Mutually Perpendicular Electric and Magnetic Fields as Viewed in the Laboratory Frame,” Physical Review

Stacy Smith, associate professor of education, “Are Public Schools Leaving Citizenship Behind?” Journal of Maine Education

Thomas J. Wenzel, Charles A. Dana Professor of Chemistry, “Research involving NMR Spectroscopy at Undergraduate Institutions in the United States,” Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry; in collaboration with Bailey Freeman ’03, David Sek ’01, Jason Zopf ’05, T. Nakamura, J. Yongzhu, K. Hirose, Y. Tobe, “Chiral Recognition in NMR Spectroscopy Using Crown Ethers and Their Ytterbium (III) Complexes”

Thomas J. Wenzel and Catherine F. Dignam, lecturer in chemistry, in collaboration with Christopher Richards ’05, Jason Zopf ’05, Lee Wacker ’99, “An Enantioselective NMR Shift Reagent for Cationic Aromatics,” Organic Letters

Anne D. Williams, professor of economics, The Jigsaw Puzzle: Piecing Together a History

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