The Bates Mace

Margaret A. Imber, associate professor of classical and medieval studies, will deliver the 2008 Convocation address.

Also speaking will be President Elaine Tuttle Hansen, who will update the College planning process that began last fall. In addition, Hansen will describe "Nourishing Mind and Body: Bates Contemplates Food," the 2008-09 College-wide initiative focusing on food and food systems.

In "How Not to Fall in Love," her address to the incoming Class of 2012, Imber will tell students how to achieve a great education by suggesting, tongue-in-cheek, ways they might not get a great education.

The Bates mace, seen here cradled by Professor of Sociology Sawyer Sylvester, symbolizes academic authority — an understandable connection, since ancient warriors used maces to bash their foes. Borne by the senior faculty member leading the academic procession, the Bates mace was fashioned by Leverett Cutten of the Class of 1904. Cutten, who earned a second bachelor’s degree from MIT, also crafted that school’s mace. Read more about the Bates mace. Photograph by Phyllis Graber Jensen

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