CBS News interviews employment blogger Pierce '08

CBS News anchor Katie Couric interviews rhetoric major Scott Pierce ’08, who co-writes the blog Tales from the Recently Laid Off, for a trend story about joblessness in America. One of two young bloggers interviewed by Couric, Pierce had actually just gotten a job at Metacafe as a junior editor. “Congratulations to you,” Couric says at the 12-minute, 50-second mark. Piece explains that after arriving in San Francisco, he got an internship at Wired (where he was hired by executive editor Thomas Goetz ’90), then did freelance work before landing the Metacafe job. (He continues to freelance, recently interviewing actress Angelina Jolie and director James Cameron for Wired.) “It’s nice to know what it feels like to make money,” Pierce jokes. “I don’t feel bad about paying $2 for the bus.” Job-search author Ellen Gordon Reeves, who offers expert advice during the segment, says Pierce did his job search the right way: by “showing initiative” with his blogging, which shows “writing skills and marketing skills,” and by doing “something every day, not just sitting home waiting for something to happen.” View video from CBS News, Aug. 9, 2010.

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