Bates a top school for ROI, says Bloomberg Businessweek

In their second annual joint study of the return on investment for a college education, Bloomberg Businessweek and PayScale report that Bates is in the top 12 percent in the U.S. — 81st out of 693 colleges and universities — and best among Maine colleges.

In simplest terms, the report compares the cost of a college education (adjusted this year for financial aid) to subsequent earnings by its alumni.

For Bates, which offers an average financial aid package of $30,503 to 41 percent of students, the 30-year net return on investment is $810,100, which increases to $890,200 for graduates only. View the data about Bates from the 2011 Bloomberg Businessweek PayScale report.–+college+return+on+investment_special+report+–+college+return+on+investment
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