Strictly Business profiles Home Bistro’s Dave Thompson ’81

The winter of 2001-02 was lean times for Dave Thompson ’81 and his new business, which produces frozen meals for folks who know food.

Dave Thompson’s company Home Bistro now employs 30, and he predicts that 2013 sales will top $11.2 million.

Thompson told his wife, Bernadette, at one point that the business, Home Bistro, had $300 in cash and $455,000 in liabilities, according to a Feb. 4 profile in Strictly Business, an online publication covering northern New York.

In those days, Thompson told reporter Carolee Smith, he was the company’s only employee. He purchased the prepared meals from a gourmet caterer, sold them online and through a catalog, and shipped them to customers.

In June 2002, venture capital came through. And in the succeeding decade, lean times have turned to lux. Thompson now employs 30 and predicts that 2013 sales will top $11.2 million.

Home Bistro’s products are meant to make life easier for people, reports Strictly Business. Its chef-prepared meals are made with quality ingredients, delivered to your door and can go from freezer to table in 10 minutes.

Smith writes: “You might, for instance, try the Maple Dijon Chicken,” with mushrooms in a creamy sauce served over a puff pastry shell, for $10.95. “Or a grilled mahi-mahi with herb and lime butter sauce served over beet orzo with grilled mixed vegetables ($13.95).”

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