Campus extends helping hands to downtown fire relief efforts


Firefighting technology at work at a Pierce Street apartment building in Lewiston on May 3, 2013. The fire engulfed four buildings and was the second of three multi-building fires in the city between April 29 and May 6. Photograph by Michael Bradley/Bates College.

Three fires in downtown Lewiston since April 29, 2013, have destroyed 10 buildings and displaced nearly 200 Lewiston residents.

The details have been reported in the Lewiston Sun Journal.

As the Lewiston-Auburn community rallies to support the victims, Bates is coordinating campus efforts to participate in the relief initiatives. A Bates response webpage listing events, volunteer opportunities, most-urgent needs, local charities and fundraising initiatives will be updated as needed. Please direct any questions to Kristen Cloutier of the Harward Center for Community Partnerships at or 207-786-6202.

Bates Director of Security Tom Carey said that his team is actively monitoring campus buildings and remains in close touch with the Lewiston Police Department. As a precautionary measure, Bates Security has enhanced its overnight coverage of the campus and immediate environs, he said.

All Bates residence halls and campus buildings are tied to a central fire reporting station, which goes directly to the Lewiston Fire Department. Bates Security also receives notification and responds immediately when a smoke alarm is set off. Carey has urged the campus community to contact Security at 786-6254 immediately if anyone or any situation appears to be out of the ordinary. 

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