Identities and Interests

Politics, power relations, and movements embedded in and constructed through issues such as ethnicity, nationality, gender, race, sexuality, religion, kinship, class, and political affiliation.

Identities and Interests Courses

This list is subject to change as courses are added to and dropped from the curriculum.
100: African Perspectives on Justice, Human Rights, and Renewal (Dauge-Roth, Hill, Eames)
115: American Political Institutions and Processes (Engel)
121: Moral Questions and Political Choice/or FYS 330 (MacLeod)
155: Women, Power, and Political Systems (Hill)
160: Politics in the Muslim World (Aslan)
205: State-Society Relations in the Modern Middle East (Aslan)
211: American Parties and Elections (Baughman)
215: Political Participation in the U.S. (Baughman)
220: Gender, War and Peace (Plastas)
229: Race and Civil Rights in Constitutional Interpretation (Staff)
230: The U.S. Congress (Baughman)
232: Politics of Post Communism (Richter)
243: Politics and Literature (MacLeod)
244: Political Imagination (MacLeod)
255: Sex Matters? U.S. Women and Politics (Hill)
257: African American Women’s History and Social Transformation (Plastas)
260: Nationalism and Nation Building (Aslan)
282: Rights and Identities (Engel)
298: Sexuality and the Politics of Difference (Corlett)
310: Public Opinion (Baughman)
320: The Politics of Latin American Migrant Transnationalism (Pérez-Armendáriz)
344: Ethnicity and Conflict (Richter)
345: NGOs and World Politics (Richter)
347: Gender and the State (Hill)
376: National Identity and Foreign Policy (Richter)
389: Race and U.S. Women’s Movements (Plastas)
s13: Immigration Reform (Pérez-Armendáriz)
s14: Gender and Tobacco (Plastas)
s15: Unheard Voices and the Politics of Immigration (Pérez-Armendáriz)
s22: Politics of Memory in Central and Eastern Europe (Richter)
s24: Politics of Imagery in the Middle East (Aslan)
s27: Feminisms of the 1970’s and 80’s (Plastas)
s29: Politics and the Essay (MacLeod)
s32: Global Flows: Gender and Globalization (Hill)
FSA: Vienna: Vienna, Budapest, Prague (Richter)