Institutional Politics

Formal organizations with written rules such as political and electoral institutions, nongovernmental organizations, and international organizations.

Institutional Politics courses

This list is subject to change as courses are added to and dropped from the curriculum.
115: American Political Institutions and Processes (Engel)
122: Government and Politics in Global Perspective (Pérez-Armendáriz)
125: States and Markets (Ásgeirsdóttir)
200: Democracy and Democratization (Scheideman)
207: The State and Violence (Scheideman)
211: American Parties and Elections (Baughman)
215: Political Participation in the U.S. (Baughman)
216: Constitutional Law: Balance of Powers (Engel)
224: Politics of International Trade (Ásgeirsdóttir)
225: International Security (Scheideman)
230: The U.S. Congress (Baughman)
231: Leaders and Leadership (King)
232: Politics of Post-Communism (Richter)
249: Politics in Latin America (Pérez-Armendáriz)
250: Politics of Third World Development (Staff)
255: Sex Matters? U.S. Women and Politics (Hill)
257: African American Women’s History and Social Transformation (Plastas)
290: Politics in Sub-Saharan Africa (Hill)
310: Public Opinion (Baughman)
320: The Politics of Latin American Migrant Transnationalism (Pérez-Armendáriz)
325: Constitutional Rights and Social Changes (Staff)
328: Representation in Theory and Practice (Baughman)
329: American Political Development (Engel)
333: State Formation, State Development, State Collapse (Aslan)
340: Democracy in South Africa (Hill)
351: The Politics of Judicial Power (Engel)
389: Race and U.S. Women’s Movements (Plastas)
423: Internships in Public Policy Research (Staff)
s13: Immigration Reform (Pérez-Armendáriz)
s15: Unheard Voices and the Politics of Immigration (Pérez-Armendáriz)
s20: Spy Games: The Role of Espionage in International Affairs (Ásgeirsdóttir/Scheideman)
s23: Stimulating the Legislative Process (Baughman)
s27: Feminisms of the 1970’s and 80’s (Plastas)
FSA: St. Petersburg, Russia (Ásgeirsdóttir)