Philosophical, Literary & Legal Studies

Close study of texts in political philosophy and contemporary theory, literature and other cultural productions, and legal cases and interpretations.

Philosophical, Literary, and Legal Studies courses

This list is subject to change as courses are added to and dropped from the curriculum.
155: Women, Power, and Political Systems (Hill)
191: Western Political Theory (Corlett)
216: Constitutional Law: Balance of Powers (Engel)
229: Race and Civil Rights in Constitutional Interpretation (Staff)
243: Politics and Literature (MacLeod)
244: Political Imagination (MacLeod)
252: Religion and Politics in the Middle East (Aslan)
282: Rights and Identities (Engel)
295: Reading Marx, Rethinking Marxisms (Corlett)
296: Contract and Community (Corlett)
297: The Household and Political Theory (Corlett)
298: Sexuality and the Politics of Difference (Corlett)
325: Constitutional Rights and Social Change (Staff)
328: Representation in Theory and Practice (Baughman)
346: Power and Protest (MacLeod)
348: Islam and Democracy (Staff)
351: The Politics of Judicial Power (Engel)
394: Contemporary Liberalism and Democractic Action (Corlett)
396: Poverty and Democracy (Corlett)
s22: Politics of Memory in Central and Eastern Europe (Richter)
s29: Politics and the Essay (MacLeod)