Bates Arts Collaborative

Artists, musicians, dancers, writers, faculty, staff, and students coming together to share, collaborate and connect. Our purpose is to elevate the arts on campus and in our community, to advocate the importance of experiencing and bringing the arts into our daily lives, and to celebrate the artistic achievements of our students, faculty and local community.


The Bates Arts Collaborative is dedicated to infusing the arts and creative process into a broad range of our liberal arts education. We support art makers, scholars, coordinate collaborative work in the arts, advocate for the arts in college planning, and give the arts a voice in the leadership of the college. We envision the college with a flourishing creative environment that reaches multiple constituencies within and beyond our campus.

  • Rachel Boggia, Dance Faculty
  • Victoria Blaine-Wallace, Design
  • Alan Carr, Olin Concert Series and Applied Music Manager
  • Rebecca Corrie, Art and Visual Culture Faculty
  • Robert Farnsworth, English Faculty
  • Laura Faure, Bates Dance Festival
  • Alexandra Hood, Olin Arts Center Operations Supervisor
  • Brooke  Jandreau, Student Representative
  • Matt Johnson ’18, Student Representative
  • Kiana Keller ’18, Student Representative
  • Bill Matthews, Music Faculty
  • Hannah Miller ’14, Academic Administrative Assistant
  • Dan Mills, Director of the Museum of Art
  • Anne Odom, Academic Administrative Assistant
  • Darby Ray, Harward Center for Community Partnerships
  • Michael Reidy, Theater Faculty
  • Bronwyn Sale, Education Faculty and Collaborative Chair
  • Anthony Shostak, Education Coordinator, Museum of Art
  • Lillie Shulman ’17, Student Representative
  • Ariel  Soares ’20, Student Representative
  • Philip  Wu ’20, Student Representative