Taking the Controls!

Taking the Controls!

Human Resources announces the Taking the Controls! of your Health Risks Program.  This is a 12 week exercise and nutrition program paid for entirely by the College that will include a comprehensive screening both before the sessions begin and following the completion of the program.

Are you ready for the Program? Would you like assistance in establishing nutritional or exercise goals?  Are you ready to take that next step in improving your health?  Then you are ready to Take the Controls!

Read below what participants had to say about this program following the pilot in Spring, 2009.

“As someone who took part in the PILOT Program for “TAKING THE CONTROLS OF YOUR HEALTH RISKS,” I strongly recommend anyone even thinking of taking it, to do so. It is a very supportive, informative, and worthwhile program that keeps you motivated, provides helpful instruction, keeps you on track, all while designing a program specific to your individual needs. If you want a boost to get you headed towards a healthier lifestyle, THIS program is the one for you!!”

“I have put many of the techniques we discussed into motion and my “numbers” were so good at my last check up that even my doctor was pleased with me.”

Taking the Controls! Will be hosted by Pam Edgecomb, Personal Health Coach from Central Maine Conditioning Clinic, Judy Donnelly, Nutritionist and Mike Milliken, Personal Trainer.  Over the 12 week program you will learn what the results of your screenings mean, design a program that meets your individual needs and receive tips and guidance on how to keep yourself on track.

There are three sessions to choose from.  Wednesday afternoons, from 2:30 – 3:30, and two on Thursday mornings beginning from 6:30 – 7:30 or 8:00 -9:00.  Determining which session would work best for you should be coordinated with your manager.  The current  12 week session began on September 15th and will end on December 16th.

Watch for future programming dates!

To volunteer for the program, contact Mike Milliken at x6936 or email Mike atmmillike@bates.edu .