Facilities & Resources

  • The Edit Suites: Three private, reservable suites for editing video and recording and editing audio. Edit A doubles as a podcast studio.
  • The iMac Lab: A training and post-production space containing 12 iMacs.
  • The Production Studio: A small, flexible studio for photography and video production.
  • The Animation StudioContains three workstations for 2D stop motion animation.
  • The Digital Media Exchange: Borrow a variety of production tools for creative academic pursuits. Search the catalog and reserve equipment online.
  • 2D Media Support: Poster Design, Graphic Design and Digital Photography

    To learn more, as well as book DMS equipment and spaces, please visit: http://bates.edu/dms

For More Information:

  • Contact us for multimedia and academic technology support
  • Visit us in person at Pettigrew Hall
  • Schedule an appointment with DMS staff for one-to-one assistance