Video Project Support

Video Editing Resources

  • iMovie – Apple’s free, introductory video editing software. This program offers a large number of video editing tools, and is a great choice for first-time video editors.
  • Quicktime – Apple’s built-in media player offers users some basic editing features such as trimming and splitting video clips, and arranging them into a new sequence.
    *Please note: iMovie and Quicktime are available for macOS and iOS devices only.
  • Adobe Express – A web-based platform for creating and editing digital projects, including graphics, flyers, and short video slideshows.
  • Adobe Premiere Rush – Introductory video editing software from Adobe. This free program offers a wide range of video editing tools with an easy-to-use interface, making it a great choice for first-time video editors.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro – Industry-standard video editing software from Adobe Creative Cloud.* This robust program is a great choice for advanced video editors working on more complex projects.
    *Please note: Adobe Creative Cloud is currently licensed to Bates students when using campus lab computers only. 
  • Royalty Free Music Resources – A Bates library guide for royalty-free and licensed music for digital media projects.

Video Editing Tutorials

Video Recording Tutorials