Photo Printing Support

The Digital Media Studios has several facilities and resources available for professional-quality photo printing. The Photo Print Studio (Pettigrew 116) contains two printing stations, each equipped with a Canon Pro1000 photo printer, as well as a professional-grade BenQ photo monitor, as well as a photo/negative scanner. The Large Format Print Studio (Pettigrew 218) is equipped with a Canon Pro4100 printer, as well as a large-format cutting mat and trimmer.  

PLEASE NOTE: Swipe access and use of ALL Digital Media Studios photo printing resources and facilities requires training from DMS Staff. Priority will be given to students currently enrolled in photography classes and/or working on an academic project. The DMS does not provide photo paper, though it may be purchased at the Bates Bookstore, or from various online vendors, such as Amazon or B&H.

DMS Photo Printing FAQ’s

Canon Pro1000 Printing Guides

The DMS Photo Print Studio is equipped with two Canon Pro1000 photo printers. For more information, please visit the following guides:

Canon Pro-1000 Printer Guide (Lightroom)

Canon Pro-1000 Instructions (Photoshop)

Ink Cartridge Replacement for Canon Pro1000

If an ink level is displayed with a red warning symbol, the ink cartridge has run out and will need to be replaced (if a yellow warning symbol is displayed, the ink is low but images can still be printed).

To change the ink, open the cover located at the bottom of the front of the printer (underneath the Output Tray). Locate the ink cartridge that has run out, and remove it by pressing in the front of the cartridge to “pop” it out. Discard the used cartridge into the plastic bin located on top of the shelves to the left of the printers. Also on those shelves, you’ll find an organizer with fresh ink cartridges. Find the type of ink cartridge that needs replacing, remove any packaging, and insert it into the empty space where you removed the used cartridge. 

Close the cover, and the printer should begin to agitate the ink. Once that process is complete, the printer will be ready to be used.

General Troubleshooting

When using the DMS Photo Printing Studio, you may encounter a problem with the Canon Pro1000 “processing” a print for an extended period of time. This is a known issue, and often occurs when attempting to print after the printers have not been in frequent use (i.e. returning from a break, or early in the semester). 

To troubleshoot this issue, we have found that manually unplugging/replugging the power cable in the rear of the printer(s) will reset the connection between the printing station and the printer. If possible, please notify a member of DMS Staff, and reach out to with any questions or concerns.

Photo Scanner Guides

The DMS Photo Print Studio is equipped with a Epson Perfection V600 Photo Scanner. For more information and a step-by-step tutorial on how to use the scanner, please visit the following guide:

Epson Perfection V600 Photo Scanner Guide

Large Format Printing

For training and access to the Large Format Print Studio, please email: