Podcasting Project Support

Audio Project Resources

  • AudacityFree, open source, cross-platform audio software. Audacity offers many of the features of Audition, but with a simplified interface.
  • GarageBandFree, introductory audio editing program from Apple.
    *Please note, GarageBand is compatible with macOS and iOS devices only.
  • Adobe Audition –  Industry-standard audio editing software from Adobe Creative Cloud.* This robust program is a great choice for recording, editing, and exporting audio projects.
    *Please note: Adobe Creative Cloud is currently available for Bates students on campus lab computers only.
  • Royalty Free Music Resources – A Bates library guide for royalty-free and licensed music for digital media projects.
  • Free Music Archive – A royalty-free music repository for background tracks, jingles, etc.
  • FreeSound – A repository of Creative Commons sounds and effects.
  • Anchor by Spotify – A free, flexible platform for uploading and creating podcasts from Spotify. A good option for creators looking for a place to host their podcasts and share them with a broader audience.

Audio Project Tutorials