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Getting Started with a Filmmaker Kit

Part I: The Camera (Canon 80D)
Part II: The Audio Recorder (Tascam 70D)

These instructions will help you reset the gear and start “fresh”. We recommend following these steps every time you use this equipment.

For further assistance, please feel free to talk with DMS staff.

Part I: The Camera

First, toggle switch to video mode

Start Fresh
Go to Menu > Wrench > 4: Clear all camera settings
Go to Menu > Wrench > 1: Format card

Set your quality
Go to Menu > Camera > 4 > Movie rec quality
>>> Change to MOV
>>> Change to FHD 23.98P (24p) for a “filmic look”

Get good audio
Go to Menu > Camera > 4 > Sound Recording
>>> Set Sound rec. to Manual

Set shutter speed
Shutter speed should be double the frame rate.
Frame rate is 24p, but 48 is not an option, so select 50 (no reason to change this once you start shooting)

  • Aperture and ISO – two ways to brighten your image
  • Aperture: Higher number equals darker image (the range of numbers is determined by lens type)
    ISO: take off Auto. Start at 100, next 320, next 640, next 800. Never higher.

Color temperature
The world is full of light. Light can change color or “temperature” depending on the setting and source. Tell the camera the current color temperature to get accurate representation in your recorded footage.

To set color temp:
Q button > Tap White Balance control (just below back arrow)
You can set manually or use a preset

Part II: The Audio Recorder
  1. Turn on recorder.
  2. Go to Menu > Others > System > Initialize (resets settings)
  3. Go to Menu > Others > System > Quick Format (reformats SD card)
  4. Go to Menu > Others > System > Battery > Ni-MH (if you are using rechargeable batteries from DMX)
  5. Go to Menu > Basic > Input 1/2: Change to XLR/TRS
  6. Go to Menu > basic > Input ¾: Change to XLR/TRS (default setting is for internal mics)
  7. Go to Menu > Record > File Type: Change to Mono (this records each channel on an individual track)
  8. Go to Menu > Record > Format: Change to WAV 24-bit
  9. Go to Menu > Record > Sample: Change to 48K or higher
    If you are using a mic that requires phantom power:
    Go to Menu > Input > Input Gain: Mic + Phantom (it will ask if you are sure that’s what you want)