3rd Maine Economics Conference

Saturday, May 2, 2015 – Bowdoin College

8:30-9:00   Arrival and Breakfast

Session 1: Environmental I
>  9:00-9:30: Erik Nelson (Bowdoin): Identifying the opportunity cost of critical habitat designation under the U.S. Endangered Species Act
>  9:30-10:00: Sahan Dissanayake (Colby): Public incentives for conservation easements on private land
>  10:00-10:15:  Coffee break

Session 2: Macroeconomics
10:15-10:45: Emily Marshall (Bates): Endogenous growth and household leverage
>  10:45-11:15: Robert Lester (Colby): Optimality of inflation and nominal output targeting
11:15-11:45: Daniel Riera-Crichton (Bates): How do economic shocks affect democracy?

>  11:45-12:30: Student poster Session

>  12:30-1:15:  Lunch

Session 3: Environmental 2
>  1:15-1:45: Keith Evans (UMaine): Impact of pollution closures on commercial harvest of soft-shell clams in Machias Bay, Maine
>  1:45-2:15: Nathan Chan (Colby): The rebound effect in equilibrium: market structure and welfare
>  2:15-2:45: Caroline Noblet (UMaine): Public preferences for investments in renewable energy production and energy efficiency
>  2:45-3:00:  Coffee break

Session 4: Applied microeconomics
>  3:00-3:30: Xuan Chen (UMaine): An empirical study of off-farm employment choices by rural households in China
>  3:30-4:00: Leshui He (Bates): Subsidiaries vs. divisions in a property-rights theory of the firm
>  4:00-4:30: Matt Botsch (Bowdoin): The welfare consequences of experienced inflation on residential mortgage choice
>  4:30-4:45: Coffee break

> 4:45-5:45:  KEYNOTE SPEAKER:  Stuart Rosenthal, Maxwell Advisory Board Professor of Economics, Syracuse University: Bubbles, Post-Crash Dynamics and the Housing Market

>  5:45 Happy hour and conference dinner