Faculty Research

Recent publications and working papers by department faculty.

Working papers

Ahmad, Zofia (Bates ’19) and Luke ChicoineSilk Roads to Riches: Persistence Along an Ancient Trade Network

Chicoine, Luke, Emily Lyons (Bates ’19), and Alexia Sahue (Bates ’19). The Impact of HIV/AIDS on Human Capital Investment in Sub-Saharan Africa: New Evidence. IZA Discussion Paper No. 13609.

Cotti, Chad D., Charles J. Courtemanche, Johanna Catherine Maclean, Erik T. Nesson, Michael F. Pesko, and Nathan Tefft. The Effects of E-Cigarette Taxes on E-Cigarette Prices and Consumption: Evidence from Retail Panel Data. NBER Working Paper #26724.

Cowan, Benjamin W. and Nathan Tefft. College Access and Adult Health. NBER Working Paper #26685.

Lewis, Lynne and Leslie Richardson. Preservation Values for an Individual Animal: Does Webcam Viewing Influence Willingness to Pay for Conservation? Under review at American Journal of Agricultural Economics.


Dunn, Richard A. and Nathan W. Tefft, 2020. Replicating the Levitt and Porter Estimates of Drunk Driving. Journal of Applied Econometrics, 35(6): 786-796.

Haab, Timothy C., Lynne Y. Lewis and John C. Whitehead, 2020. State of the Art of Contingent Valuation. Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Environmental Science.

Lewis, Lynne, 2020. Rethinking Hydropower: The Economics and Politics of Privately Owned Hydropower in the United States. Oxford Encyclopedia of Water Resources Management and Policy.

Lewis, Lynne and Tom Tietenberg, 2020. Environmental Economics and Policy, 7th Edition. Routledge.

Yung, Julieta, 2021. Can Interest Rate Factors Explain Exchange Rate Fluctuations? Journal of Empirical Finance, 61: 34-56.

Crawley, Andrew, Sarah Welch, and Julieta Yung, 2021. Improving estimates of job matching efficiency with different measures of unemployment. Journal of Macroeconomics, 67, 103282.