Our Values


The Office of Equity and Inclusion advances the college’s commitment to equity and diversity by implementing and supporting campus-wide initiatives that strategically and proactively promote an institutional culture of inclusiveness.

The OEI develops innovative educational programs and training activities specific to equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion, and harassment prevention aimed at promoting an affirming environment in which students, staff, and faculty can flourish.

The Director of Title IX and Civil Rights Compliance ensures compliance with all non-discrimination statutes, such as Titles VI and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, Title IX, Americans with Disabilities Act, the State of Maine Human Rights Act, and college policies.

Mission Statement of Bates College

Since 1855, Bates College has been dedicated to the emancipating potential of the liberal arts. Bates educates the whole person through creative and rigorous scholarship in a collaborative residential community. With ardor and devotion — Amore ac Studio — we engage the transformative power of our differences, cultivating intellectual discovery and informed civic action. Preparing leaders sustained by a love of learning and a commitment to responsible stewardship of the wider world, Bates is a college for coming times.

A Legacy of Inclusive Excellence

Since its founding in 1855 by Maine abolitionists, Bates has welcomed students from diverse racial, ethnic, religious, and economic backgrounds. Bates was, and is, committed to the principles of social justice, equity, and freedom.

Great efforts were made in designing the institution to ensure that no qualified student would be turned away because they could not afford the cost of a Bates education. From the beginning, Bates welcomed young people from Maine farms and factory towns, former slaves, and immigrants. For this reason, all organizations on campus are open to everyone. Bates has never had fraternities or sororities.

Updated: July 2017