Mission and Goals

The Program in European Studies is a multifaceted, interdisciplinary program that seeks to broaden understandings of contemporary Europe and the diverse societies and cultures that constitute it. The faculty, who share a European focus in their scholarship and teaching, collectively encourage students to question assumptions about the region’s role in the world. The program thus provides a forum for deliberating over the challenges facing Europeans today and, in so doing, for reflecting on what Europe has been in the past and what it might be in the future.

Majors in  European Studies:

  • Acquire a broad knowledge of the contemporary complexities of Europe drawing on a range of disciplinary perspectives and their methodologies.
  • Cultivate an appreciation and mastery of interdisciplinary analysis of European history, society, politics and culture, and the capacity to interpret and to draw conclusions about a range of cultural texts and their sociopolitical contexts.
  • Demonstrate effective skills in oral communication, critical writing, and original research about Europe.
  • Develop presentational and interpretive communication skills in at least one European language besides English.