Mission and Goals

European Studies is an interdisciplinary program that brings together the methods and questions of the humanities and social sciences to understand better the people, languages, traditions, and cultures of Europe, as well as to examine European interactions with the wider world.  Our curriculum recognizes the idea of Europe means different things to different people.  It enables students to appreciate this diversity by studying individual societies and events and how they are represented, while situating them within a wider, European context.  It encourages students to make connections between past and present, politics and culture, ideas and actions.

Majors and Minors in  European Studies:

  • Acquire a broad knowledge of the contemporary complexities of Europe drawing on a range of disciplinary perspectives and their methodologies.
  • Cultivate an appreciation and mastery of interdisciplinary analysis of European history, society, politics and culture, and the capacity to interpret and to draw conclusions about a range of cultural texts and their sociopolitical contexts.
  • Demonstrate effective skills in oral communication, critical writing, and original research about Europe.
  • Develop presentational and interpretive communication skills in at least one European language besides English.