Academic Program

Professors Duina (Sociology), López (Hispanic Studies), and Richter (Politics, chair); Associate Professors Cernahoschi (German), Kazecki (German), and Shaw (History); Senior Lecturer George (Hispanic Studies); Lecturer Balladur (French and Francophone Studies)

The Program in European Studies reinforces the college’s mission to engage students in intellectual discovery and informed global citizenship. European studies is a multifaceted interdisciplinary program that broadens students’ understanding of the region and encourages them to question assumptions about Europe’s role in the world. Courses offered in European studies (EUS or EU) are taught in English.

The establishment of the European Union and the intricate processes of negotiating national identities are recent and contentious steps toward greater political, economic, and cultural collaboration. At the same time, national politics, cultures, histories, sports and entertainment, arts, economies, and languages continue to play a role in defining what Europe is today and what it will become in the future.

The contemporary complexities of European history, society, politics, and languages can only be fully understood by transcending disciplinary boundaries. Courses offered by a variety of departments and programs provide a rich resource for European studies and ensure an interdisciplinary approach to cultural texts and their sociopolitical contexts. More information on European studies may be found on the website (