The Bates Galaxies Lab

The Bates Galaxies Lab (also known as the Bates Astrophysics Galaxy Evolution Lab or “the bagel”) uses large datasets from telescopes on Earth and in space to study how gas gets into galaxies, how gas forms stars and fuels the growth of supermassive black holes within galaxies, and how energy and momentum from massive stars and black holes expels gas out of galaxies.

Rebecca Minsley presents at AAS, January 2020, on molecular gas heating and modified dust properties in active galaxies based on summer research done here in Hawai’i and now submitted to The Astrophysical Journal!
Sophia and Josh standing with their poster
Sophia Gottlieb and Josh Rines, members of the First Bagel Team, present their combined research at Bates’ Annual Mt. David Summit in March 2017.
Fahim Khan and his Mt. David Summit Poster
Fahim Khan, class of 2020, presents his research at the Mt. David Summer in 2017 after an independent study on Galactic Spectroscopy in 3D.