Lab Members

Assistant Professor of Physics Aleksandr Diamond-Stanic has nine student researchers working for him this summer. A variety of grants funds their research.
BAGEL Team, Summer 2017: (Standing, left to right) King Valdez ’19, Jose Ruiz ’18, Eve Cinquino ’19, Sophia Gottlieb ’17, Kwamae Delva ’18, Charlie Lipscomb ’18, Senyo Ohene ’20 (Seated, left to right) Chris Bradna ’20, Assistant Professor of Physics Aleksandr Diamond-Stanic, Fahim Khan ’20.

Current Members of the Bates Galaxies Lab:

Sophia Gottlieb (Class of 2017)

Joshua Rines (Class of 2017)

Kwamae Delva (Class of 2018)

Charlie Lipscomb (Class of 2018)

Jose Ruiz (Class of 2018)

Eve Cinquino (Class of 2019)

King Valdez (Class of 2019)

Chris Bradna (Class of 2020)

Fahim Khan (Class of 2020)

Senyo Ohene (Class of 2020)