The Hispanic Studies minor consists of seven courses beyond the elementary level (i.e. HISP 103). At least one of the seven courses must be a 300-level course offered by Bates faculty and taught on campus, which may be taught in Spanish or a cross-listed course taught in English. One Short Term course offered by the department may be counted toward the minor. Advanced Placement courses may not be counted toward the minor.

Off-campus study. Minors may receive a maximum of two credits for one semester, and three for two semesters of study in a recommended program in a Spanish-speaking country. Credits for off-campus study are transferred as 200-level HISP-designated courses and may not be used to fulfill the 300-level requirement.

Pass/Fail Grading Option. The use of the pass/fail option is restricted to one course, but may not be elected for the 300-level course.