First Year Seminar

The Department of Hispanic Studies annually offers a first-year seminar on topics related to the Spanish-speaking world. As W1 courses, they fulfill the college’s General Education writing requirements while introducing students to the rich and varied field of Hispanic cultural studies. Often, students who choose to enroll in the Hispanic Studies FYS do so concurrently with Spanish language courses, and many continue on to complete a Major or Minor in Hispanic Studies. If you are interested in starting or continuing your study of Spanish in conjunction with your FYS or separately, for information about entry-level courses and proficiency assessment please CLICK HERE .

FYS in Spanish

Starting in the fall of 2024, the department will offer an FYS taught completely in Spanish, including all written and oral assignments. The innovative course allows students to complete their W1 requirement in a language other than English. It is directed to students with advanced-level proficiency who have learned Spanish as a first or heritage language, or who have studied it as a second language.

Fall 2024 – FYS 575 Colón y Castro: Héroe o tirano. Professor Baltasar Fra-Molinero

Students interested in taking the FYS in Spanish should complete the two-step Spanish language assessment before June 22, 2024:

  1. Complete the online Spanish language Grammar and Reading assessment to determine your current proficiency level and identify the recommended entry level course. In order to be considered for admission to the FYS in Spanish you must score 438 points or higher. To register to take the Spanish language Grammar and Reading assessment CLICK HERE.
  2. Complete the online Spanish language Writing assessment to ascertain current abilities and skills as a writer in Spanish. The assessment will be reviewed by the instructor. To take the Spanish language Writing assessment CLICK HERE.

Based on the results of the combination of assessments, students eligible for admission to the FYS in Spanish will receive an invitation email from the instructor with further instructions required for registration by June 27, 2024.