Off Campus Study

The mission of the Department of Hispanic Studies is to provide students with the interpretative skills and contextual knowledge, as well as linguistic competencies necessary to engage in international and intercultural learning and to promote understanding of self and others through contact with diverse cultural and linguistic communities of the Spanish-speaking world.

As a complement to on-campus courses in language, culture, and literature, the Department of Hispanic Studies encourages majors and minors to study abroad in a Spanish-speaking country for a semester or a full academic year. Off-campus academic programs, whether offered at a foreign university or a private institution, oblige students to use Spanish on a daily basis and expose them to diverse teaching methodologies and new perspectives, and also provide opportunities for internships and independent projects tailored to students’ interests.

The minimum level of Spanish required to participate on a Bates-approved program in a Spanish-speaking countries is the equivalent of two years (four semesters) of college-level study. This means that you need to have finished HISP 202 Intermediate II or higher in order to be eligible.

In addition to Bates Off-Campus Study Office staff, students must also seek the guidance of their Hispanic Studies major or minor advisor when selecting a program and designing a course of study abroad.

As a rule of thumb, in order for courses taken abroad to count towards the Hispanic Studies major and minor, they must be within the areas of language, literature, film, and culture.

  • Majors may receive a maximum of three credits for one semester and five for two semesters of study in a recommended off-campus program.
  • Minors may receive a maximum of two credits for one semester and three for two semesters off-campus.

Credits for off-campus study are transferred as 200-level HISP-designated courses and may not be used to fulfill the 300-level requirement.

The Department of Hispanic Studies recommends the following programs based on their record of providing rigorous, well-structured, and meaningful experiences that meet the mission and goals of the major and minor.

Nota bene: Majors are discouraged from enrolling in SIT Study Abroad Programs in Latin America, and minors are recommended to do so only after prior consultation with their Hispanic Studies advisor.